Current Members

Antoine Mouquod.jpg

Antoine Mouqoud, Lapin Blac

Antoine is a multimedia developer with interest in animation, generative arts and interesting interactions. Working mainly with html/JS to create website and online experiences, Antoine aims to bring a different approach to online presence. In the past, he’s worked with Flash to create websites and games. Very willing to explore new technologies, Antoine is keen to find a project that allows him to dive right into VR and AR through Unity. Antoine is always happy to give technical feedback on any project/ideas (as crazy as they can be!). Check out his website to get in touch!


Chloe Garner, Ledbury Poetry Festival

As artistic director of Ledbury Poetry Festival, Chloe’s role is focused on programming, hosting events and commissioning new works that combine poetry with other art forms, such as Fair Field with Penned in the Margins. Chloe loves projects that create open platforms for participation, such as the Welcome to the Hills project with LPF’s Troubadour of the Hills. With a particular interest in international literature and translation, Chloe has worked on various projects including Versopolis, a Creative Europe platform that seeks to translate and promote ‘emerging’ poets and 7 Airs with Feral Productions. Chloe also works on placing poets in schools and creating opportunities for children to hear, write and perform poetry. Always on the look-out for interesting and inspiring ways to present, promote and celebrate poetry, Chloe is always open to collaboration.

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Claire Coache, Open Sky

Claire is a theatre maker, a Herefordian of 10 years and a mum. Delighted to be part of the Invisible Arts Network, Claire is currently exploring how to incorporate, inform and transform theatre practice with digital developments. Before founding Open Sky, Claire was a founding partner and Co-Artistic Director of RedCape Theatre. At Redcape she conceived, devised and performed The Idiot Colony (Fringe First, Total Theatre Award). She directed From Newbury With Love at the Newbury Corn Exchange and developed 1 Beach Road. Claire has also directed for Limbik Theatre, The Harbour (2010 Prague Festival Creative Award) and with Jammy Voo, she created and performed Something Blue.



Jaime Jackson is a moving image/digital & relational artist and visual art producer. His work explores the gap, distance and separation from the natural world that many people experience today- particularly in busy metropolis. Jaime collaborates with scientists and researchers within the Biophilic City Network to develop methodologies of practice around process based Biomimicry and Biophilia. Engaging communities in digital environmental projects through relational practice, Jaime stages digital and traditional interventions in this gap, to re-imagine or re‐connect these biomimicry connections with nature via contemporary art. 

His moving image works focuses on the embodiment of nature through Biomimicry, working with dancers and yoga teachers to create moving image installations and architectural projections that reconnect us to nature.



Estelle is the founding Artistic Director of the site-specific, multidisciplinary production company Feral Productions which she launched in 2009 with writer Megan Barker following ACE funded producer training. Prior to that, her twenty years in theatre were spent largely in the dark directing text-based plays of many natures and sizes from 40-strong youth theatre, to intimate studio two-handers. Every year she grapples with the monster that is the Courtyard panto, now in its tenth season with her at the helm.

A honing of the company’s identity in 2015 brought about the subtle but significant shift in emphasis from the breadth of ‘site-specific’ to the focus of ‘site-inspired’ and therein a heritage strand of the company was born…

Estelle has produced all of Feral’s productions and with an early background as a theatre technician in Scotland she has a particular penchant for creatively messing about with gadgets; largely to feed her creative interest in sensory processing which she has studied at length. Through those studies she has attained qualifications in hypnotherapy and the practice of therapeutic sound.

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Lisle Turner is a writer, director and producer for film, television and theatre. Lisle runs two production companies: Wrapt Films with producer and business partner Martina Klich and Open Sky Theatre with artistic director and life partner Claire Coaché. Lisle likes to tell stories that create empathy in audiences, in the hope we might all be a wee bit nicer to each other. The medium may change but the motivation is the same. Interested in how technology can increase and diversify audiences while simultaneously enhancing their experience, Lisle is particularly interested in collaborations involving 3D, VR, AR and digital projection.


NICK BROWn, mash cinema, hca

Nick Joined Hereford College of Arts in 2005, and works in the IT department as a Technical Demonstrator Specialist focusing on moving image, digital audio and screen based media.

After studying Art & Design at HCA, Nick went on to work in the music industry as a musician and live music promoter based in Cardiff, booking bands for St David’s Hall and other venues throughout the city.

Nick also runs a visual arts company called MASH Cinema with his brother Dan and have gained recognition for visual performances working with artists, musicians and DJs at events, clubs and festivals throughout Europe. MASH Cinema work with film, animation, graphics and typography, mixing digital and traditional techniques to create live visuals and cinematic audiovisual performances.



Mairead McVeigh is a digital, relational and performance artist who uses traditional methods of making (combined with relational practice) and presents them as immersive digital, virtual and augmented reality installations. Mairead’s work places audiences into engaging environments, encompassing elements of conducted interviews and personal testimonials, that aim to challenge mainstream media bias.

Mairead’s work explores the conflict narrative within Northern Ireland, via social research methods and contrasting data against witness testimony to create illusory installations. Placing herself as a female artist born in Belfast at the end of the troubles, her work focuses on questioning current social events and how they reverberate past events within Northern Ireland and the UK. Conflict, reconciliation and revisiting sites of trauma are explored through a combined network of appropriated images, objects and documents, as well as creating new environments with new digital medias.


PHILLIPPA SLINGER, ledbury poetry festival

Phillippa is one third of Ledbury Poetry Festival and can offer all sorts of know-how on managing the logistics of large scale projects, including ACE and other funding streams. Phillippa also manages a vibrant community programme, hundreds of volunteers and Ledbury Poetry Festival internships.


REBECCA FARKAS, meadow arts

Rebecca Farkas is a visual artist, using light and colour to investigate ideas of transformation in photography, video, large and small-scale projections.

Focussing on the details of objects and working with light, the most mundane materials may reveal a hidden beauty. Rebecca’s work responds to places, stories, imagery and people, often in site-specific, temporary installations. You could think of it as ‘painting’ a three-dimensional space with imagery: the atmosphere of a space is changed through projecting images into it.

Rebecca grew up in the circus, moving between towns and being educated on the road: this inspired a fascination with ‘the show’ and the transformation of different places and spaces. After moving to Herefordshire with her family, Rebecca completed a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Herefordshire College of Arts as a mature student.

Rebecca is also representing Meadow Arts as part of IAN, in her role as Marketing & Engagement Manager.


TIM EVANS, powerhouse

Tim is a multidisciplinary theatre-maker and Artistic Director of Powerhouse - a Herefordshire company passionate about developing creative talent in the region and producing high quality theatre experiences for local and national audiences.

Having trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and later Co-founding The Factory in London; his twenty-plus years of theatre-making have seen him develop his multidisciplinary approach, which (depending on the project) includes directing, writing, acting, devising, running workshops, running theatre companies, and forming tribes of creative people. Tim launched Powerhouse Academy in 2018; providing acting training and professional development for talent in the region.

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Toni Cook, shypp

Toni is a freelance creative practitioner/ director/ project manager who has been making work for 25 years. Her practice enables others to explore and find their creative voice through a wide variety of media using story and experience at its core. Participants with little or no access to high quality arts/digital experiences are of particular interest and she’s had a lot of experience in working with those who are considered hard to engage. Toni is keen to explore digital opportunities that will deepen creative experiences and performance.