Terms and Conditions

1.     Applications to the Development Fund must include two confirmed members of the Invisible Arts Network

2.     Applicants submitting an application must submit within the timeframe specified on the IAN website.

3.     If you have already secured any funding for this project then you must disclose this information (this will affect your eligibility).

4.     All intellectual property in the applicant’s work will remain with and belong to the individual applicants.

5.     The Rural Media Charity and Arts Council England reserve the right to publicise and promote all applications and funded projects, including individual profiles, portfolio content and project summaries.

6.     Recipients must acknowledge Arts Council England’s support on every possible/relevant occasion and on any promotional material for your project.

7.     With regards to data protection, The Rural Media Charity will use each entrant’s personal details for the purpose of administering this application only.

8.     The name, photograph and application of the successful applicants may be used by The Rural Media Charity and Arts Council England for publicity purposes.

9.  Any costs incurred when putting together your application are the responsibility of the applicant.

10.  There will be no recourse to appeal if applications have not been successful.

11.  Successful applicants agree to complete the funded activity, including regularly reporting to The Rural Media Charity on progress when requested.