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Antonia Koop (Corncutter Games) and Estelle Wormelo (Feral Productions)

A period of research and development working towards the installation of publically-accessed digital soundscapes in unexpected places, such as supermarkets, shopping centres, village shops and phone boxes.

The structure of the track is specifically designed to surprise, delight and reward the audience for opting in to the process by pressing a button by a set of headphones, donning the headsets once they’ve been diverted from their current path.

In addition to the everyday audio elements of the project, Antonia and Estelle will explore integrating Virtual Reality features. The VR component strengthens and enhances the experience by adding a visual element that connects the spatial features of the location with the acoustic soundscape and narrative, seeing the space from the character’s POV as it heightens, distorts then normalises.

Antoine Mouquod and Ian Abbott.jpg


Antonio Mouquod (Lapin Blanc) and Ian Abbott (2FacedDance Company)

In collaboration with Antoine Mouquod of Lapin Blanc and the photographer Isla Hampson will create a suite of seven newly commissioned GIF portraits of 2Faced Dance Company.

Born out of a partnership forged at the Invisible Arts Network, the GIF portraits will be created through static movement and have a range of distribution avenues from social media, websites, venues on tour on multiple TV screens, each housing an individual dancer on each one. In their 20th anniversary year, 2Faced will have high-quality live work/events/activity and a suite of innovative digital content too, of which the GIFs would be a part of.

Mairead McVeighjj.jpg


Mairead McVeigh (Freelance Digital Artist) and Jaime Jackson (Salt Road)

A Motion Capture, moving image and 3D filming project encompassing aerial modern dance, performance, filming, software editing and exhibition. Linking with Birmingham City University’s Motion Capture suite and linked with STEAMhouse

This IAN development bursary enables collaboration with digital artist/visual art producer Jaime Jackson from ACE-project funded visual art organization Salt Road & Mairead McVeigh digital artist/performer.

The two IAN members plan to test out the development work with performers Kaya-Jay Smith, teacher and performer and Edd Stephen Fletcher, a UK aerial performance champion instructor. The artists will create two digital installation works.